beta 2.4-rlive

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Nothing is loading for me, what's wrong?
A) Check to see if you are blocking Javascript on your browser. You need to enable Javascript in order to use

Q) Is FREE to use?
A) While we're in BETA, will be free to use.

Q) How can I get an invitation to use the Beta version of
A) You may request an invitation by clicking here. A Beta invitation will be sent to the email address you submit to us. We process beta requests in cycles.

Q) How can i give feedback about
A) Once you login, Click on Forum, there you can ask questions or leave feedback in the appropriate forum.

Q) How do i create a new flowchart?
A) Once you login, you will be in your Chart Manager, on your left, you will see "My Charts" menu, click the "New Chart" button to start the new chart wizard.

Q) What format can i download the flowchart that I have created?
A) You may save your flowchart in PDF, PNG formats to your local computer.

Q) What is the "Preview" window?
A) Preview window shows your entire flowchart as a snap shot. Use the Preview window to scroll your chart as well as get a overall picture of the entire flowchart. Click Preview window icon (Eye) from the menu to hide or show it.

Q) What is the "Properties" window?
A) Properties window lets you edit properties of each object you have placed in the editor window. Each object has various properties you can manipulate.

Q) How many pages can a single flowchart have?
A) Unlimited.

Q) How many flowcharts can I have open at once time? And how do i open more than 1 flowchart to edit?
A) You can open unlimited number of flowcharts open in the editor. To open more than 1 flowchart at the same time, Click Open icon from the menu and pick a flowchart name to open.

Q) What is a Revision number?
A) Each time you click Save+ button, We save your chart with date/time stamp. Each save+ action will save a different file name. When you open the chart again you will be able to pick the revision file to edit.

Q) What is Script to Flowchart?
A) Script to Flowchart lets you create a flowchart via a script.

Q) What is the format of the script for Script to Flowchart option?
A) It's basic Javascript format.

Q) How can i sell my scripts, cliparts, parsers?
A) In Beta, we have not enabled "Buy/Sell" Feature.